Real estate brokering service

The real estate brokering services provided by Nord Property include sales, purchasing and renting property for both private and business customers. Our professional estate agents, backed by their extensive experience, wide contact base and innovative sales strategies, guarantee an efficient and professional service.

Property sales

To maximize the efficiency and the speed of the sales process, our estate agents will work hard to increase the visibility and attractiveness of your property on the market, making sure the advertisements reach a wide and targeted audience. To best represent your property, we include a professional photographer and list fully detailed advertisements in all the biggest real estate portals. Nord Property is also the only estonian real estate agency that advertises in more than thirty international real estate portals, maximizing the reach and variety of our customer base. All that increases the visibility of our listings, that in turn increases the likelyhood of attracting larger offers in a shorter timespan.

Property purchases

The property brokers of Nord Property will help you reach the best results when purchasing real estate. When looking for both private and commercial property it is very important to have insight and experience in the real estate market and to be able to navigate efficiently in the market range - our property brokers will help you do just that. Our team at Nord Property will find a suitable property for you, taking into account your every need and working together with other property brokers on the market. If required, we will also work with the leading banking institutions to get you the best financing options.

Letting out your property

When letting out your property, it is crucial to establish a trusting relationship between the lessor and the lessee, to provide a greater security to the lessor we will find multiple candidates for the lease. In order to receive a large amount of offers for the lease, we will advertise your property on all the biggest real estate portals. We will also use a professional photographer to photograph your property - the attractive presentation of your property is vital in this quick-moving market segment where decisions are often made based on first contact. In addition, Nord Property makes extensive background checks for the future tenants in order to assure the well-keeping of your property as well as a clear payment record. To maintain a viable rental agreement, we will formulate an extensive rental contract, detailing all the rights, securities and obligations of both the lessor and the lessee.

Leasing a property

The most difficult part of finding a suitable lease is navigating the hundreds of listings and offers. Taking into account your every wish, our property brokers will work to find you the perfect property for lease, be it a private residence or business premises. In addition to saving your time, we will also find you a secure partner for your lease agreement.

All in all, there are many good reasons to use the brokering services provided by Nord Property:

* We advertise on all the biggest real estate portals in Estonia as well as in more than ten international portals - we also translate our listings to local languages.
* We advertise on more than ten international real estate portals.
* Nord Property uses a professional photographer to maximize the attractiveness of your property.
* Our services do not require a binding contract, so you can still sell your property on your own. 
* If you find a buyer for your property by yourself, our services will bee free of charge.
* Nord Property will provide an in-depth analysis of the property market and the liquidity of your property.
* We will resolve all legal questions, making sure the property transaction takes place securely and efficiently