Property management

The property management service offered by Nord Property means in essence that we will rent your property and bear all the administrative duties. This will ensure a stable productivity for the property owner as it will be in the interest of Nord Property to find and keep lessees. So you don't have to worry that the rented object might stay unused for an extended period or that there would be no productivity.

Nord Property will make sure of the maintenance of your real estate object. We will compose a thorough overview of your property and its state for each lease period, organize daily administration and if need be then the conduction of repairworks. Likewise we will forward communal readings and ensure that all communal bills will be paid on time.

The property management service will also ensure the owner that all legal issues pertaining their property will be duly dealt with. We are competent in preparing, changing and ending lease contracts - it is important that the contract is properly finalized and describes in detail the rights and obligations of the lessee to avoid further complications. We will keep good relations with the apartments associations, ensure that the lessees are informed of the apartments association statute and also share feedback between the lessees, associations and our brokers.