Real estate appraisal

We are able to provide a quick expert appraisal for your apartment, house, commercial or land. If necessary the appraisal can be forwarded to financial institutions straight away.

Property appraisal may be needed for several purposes. First of all an appraisal given by a professional serves as the best indicator for the current market value of the property object which aids in composing a marketable sales strategy. It helps in avoiding the too long sales period of an overvalued property. Secondly an expert appraisal is needed for getting a mortgage from the bank on collateral, for determining the market value of chosen collateral.

Property appraisal is very important to entrepeneurs for financial accounting. A successive expert appraisal is needed for reflecting the change of property value in statements/balance, as the value of the property can substantially change over the course of time.

Given appraisals are proceeded by international appraising standards.